Growers Market, Inc. was established in 1976 by Neal Brooks, the President and Founder. Starting from his backyard, Neal slowly and successfully grew the company to what it is today. As of Today, Growers Market, Inc. has three prime locations around Arizona. These three different climate facilities allow Growers Market to grow everything naturally. One of the key concepts and mission is to ensure the public that everything is locally grown.

Phoenix, AZ – The Phoenix location, located just west of 7th avenue on baseline, sits on 8 acres covered with poly houses. This helps keep infrequent frost away.

Willcox, AZ – The Willcox Greenhouse sits on 155 acres with a 1,000,000 Square foot greenhouse which consists of house plants, geraniums, and combo pots. This 1,000,000 Square Foot greenhouse is very high tech and has all of the bells and whistles needed for maximum production. Willcox, AZ has some of the best water in the state.

Safford, AZ – “The Farm” – sits on 753 acres. This is where the hay farm, 40 acres of Elderica Pines and 20 acres of fall mums and color production sits. The Farm also consists of a 100,000 Square Foot greenhouse.